Business Ethics

Ehitcal Values

We have believed in “Fair Trade” ever since the establishment of our company. That means that we have successfully created an honest image and so we are determined to apply the stated below principles, in order to maintain that image. Everyone, no matter what his/her position is in our company, should follow those principles:

  • To comply with the principles of correctitude, honesty, justice and generally accepted morals in our commercial activities,
  • Not avoiding tax payment,
  • Not offering bribe while carrying out business with governmental bodies,
  • Not misleading the Government on financial reports of the company,
  • Not damaging the environment during our commercial activities or to do our best to cause the smallest damage possible under unavoidable conditions,
  • To vindicate rights of our partners and to be honest with them,
  • Not discriminating our employees during their employment or promotion,
  • To comply with the equity principle regarding our employees’ salaries and their promotion,
  • Not violating our employees’ personal dignity and rights, but delivering them the promised personal rights and the entire legal rights,
  • Not compromising the quality of products and services,
  • Gaining customers satisfaction by meeting their requirements,
  • Not selling altered or defective goods and to take them back if such a sale was done by mistake,
  • Not making fictitious promises during advertisement of goods and services,
  • To completely fulfill the contracts made with the customers,
  • Not making concessions to the principles of fairness and honesty towards the companies with whom we have relationships,
  • Not entering into any unfair competition.

Main Policy Elements of BERİKA Family

  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Clear and fair employment practices
  • Equal opportunities
  • Protection from harassment
  • Fair remuneration
  • Employee development

We have many customers with whom we are in close business relationship. What we would like to emphasize to our customers are our company’s values. Our success is based upon our professional aptitude in providing to customers the correct diagnosis facilities through the advanced technology products that we supply to them and also upon our competence in increasing our customers’ performance and reliability by means of the technological devices and systems that we use during our work. Being in continuous communication with our customers we are able to continuously improve our services, that being a quality criterion of our services.

Customer satisfaction in BERİKA Family was and remains a policy that is guaranteed. This policy is achieved through cooperation with our customers and providing them quality services and innovation. Besides meeting the customer expectations through service quality, our basic approach is to demonstrate a performance that exceeds expectations.

BERİKA Family;

  • Provide continuous after-sale service by presenting the proper product and service to customers, through proper sales and service channels and with proper prices and at the right time.
  • Provide our customers with the opportunity of being in communication with our relevant departments in order for us to be able to follow their requirements and understand their expectations in the best possible way, to completely satisfy them at every stage with regard to the presented products and services, and get their positive response.
  • Make ourselves reachable any time, so that we are permanently in contact.
  • Identify the right customer’s satisfaction-oriented targets and continuously test the effectiveness of the constituted policies, targets and approaches.
  • Make a merit of producing solutions, products and services of high quality for such an organization, which has set its targets on continuous changing. Meet their increasing requirements with regard to the development of technology and find new solutions.
  • Solve customers' demands and their complaints with pleasure.
  • Make ourselves reliable for our customers through our quality products and services.
  • Make ourselves coherent in order to enable our customers to know what to expect from us.
  • Treat information on our customers with great confidentiality.
  • Being perfectionist in everything we perform.


Our customers are precious

Our first priority is to create a plus value to our customers’ requirements and expectations, and to meet “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”. It is our duty to be on our customers’ side and provide support to them through our sales and after-sales services.

Being sensitive, decent and honest

We aim to be: sensitive towards environment and society; fair, honest, and understanding in all our relations; in compliance with laws and code of moral; and socially responsible. We comply with the laws and legal arrangements and we never make concessions on this subject.

Our target is development of our sources and reach to the “Better” ones

Our target is to realize the necessary investments by creating sources from our activities and rational utilization of the entire sources. And in this way, we are determined to: accelerate the continuous development of our quality of the service performance and sources; provide our partners profit; assist our employees and society in their economic and social development; maintain and strengthen our company’s image; and be always in the position of a leader.

Our human resource determines our quality.

The quality of BERİKA Family’s sales and after-sales services is attributable to the professional quality of our employees. Being a center of attraction for pretentious and capable young people, we benefit from their capabilities, powers and creativity. In return, we increase their productivity, we provide them with the opportunity of development, and create a medium where cooperation and solidarity is emerging. We have chosen such an environment where intelligent young people can thrive as a way to maintain the continuity of BERİKA Family.

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